The world's most advanced Classifieds Script & off the shelf!


The User Front End

Combining the beauty of the state of the art UI with a powerful but light weight classifieds script.

  • No user registration needed to post!
  • Free to post ads
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Unlimited regions, cities and areas
  • Ability to add custom fields for each section
  • Complete search feature, including custom fields
  • Event Calendar
  • Image Submissions
  • Email verification for ads
  • Image verification for spam protection
  • Picture upload with ads
  • Automatic resizing of photos to reduce dimensions and size
  • Option for users to report abuse
  • Automatic configurable expiration of ads after a duration
  • Specify ad expiration time for each section
  • Deletion of ads after a configurable number of abuse reports
  • Form to email the poster, with attachment, hiding his email
  • Block certain attachments, like EXEs
  • RSS feed of listings with configuration options
  • Search engine friendly titles
  • Language file to change the text used on the site
  • Setup different featured and extended ad options from the admin
  • Automated Paypal gateway
  • Control all aspects of ads from the admin
  • Block users by IP address
  • Bad word filter


  • Site language / Tools
    Initial city to show ads from
  • Enable/disable event calendar
  • Enable/disable image submissions
  • Show/hide left and right sidebars
  • Sort locations and categories alphabetically
  • Number of columns for showing categories
  • Ads/images per page
  • Show number of ads next to categories
  • Show number of ads next to subcategories
  • Number of pictures uploadable per ad
  • Maximum picture filesize
  • Allowed picture file types
  • Width and height of resized pictures and thumbnails
  • JPEG quality of resized images
  • Currency symbol to use
  • Enable/disable image verification
  • String to replace bad words with
  • Show/hide latest ads in homepage and number of ads to show
  • Show/hide category list in the left sidebar
  • Maximum number of abuse reports to automatically delete an ad
  • File types and maximum size of attachements allowed
  • Number of ads to include in the RSS feed
  • Number of characters to show for ad description in the RSS feed
  • Enable/disable featured ads and extended ads