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James Roy

Executive director

Bill Vasiliadis

Technical director

David Belich

PHP developer

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What clients say about us

PHP-Classifieds involvement helped us release a functional MVP within a short timeframe, which they’re now improving continuously. The team is very helpful, communicative, and knowledgeable, and they’ve demonstrated an impressive knowledge of all the AWS technologies.

Mark Hombarg

Project manager

Replacing an inefficient vendor, php-classifieds team rebuilt a platform from scratch to improve its scalability, handling both its front and backend. They also created a self-registration feature for it.

Rachel Moore


The tools and implementations created by php-classifieds have allowed the client to save hundreds of thousands of manual work hours, achieving an impressive ROI. The team is communicative, talented, and knowledgeable. They also work quickly and deliver high-quality products every time.

Clare Spencer

Product manager

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