Welcome to the Nivo Slider support section. Here you will find help and tutorials on using the Nivo Slider jQuery and WordPress plugins. You can also ask questions and get support over at the Support Forums.


  • How do I use the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin?
    Please follow this tutorial to learn how to use the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin.
  • Does the slider support transparent PNG’s?
    No. Due to the way slide transitions work it will look weird.
  • Can I use images that are different sizes?
    No. Once the slider has loaded it won’t change size (it is set to the size of the largest image). So make sure all of your images are the same size.
  • Can I have multiple sliders on the same page?
    Yes but you will need to use jQuery v1.4 or greater for it to work.
  • Can I start and stop the slider?
    Yes. To manually start and stop the slider you can use the following code:

    $('#slider').data('nivoslider').stop(); //Stop the Slider
    $('#slider').data('nivoslider').start(); //Start the Slider
  • My images dissapear in IE and Opera
    If you are using links on all of your images they might do strange things in IE and Opera. To solve this simply add the following CSS rule:

    #slider a{
  • Can I set a random starting slide?
    Yes. You can use the startSlide setting and do the following:

    //pre v2.7
    var total = $('#slider img').length;
    var rand = Math.floor(Math.random()*total);

    As of v2.7 you can simply use the randomStart setting.

  • What do I do if I find a bug?
    Please report all bugs on the Github issues page.